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Posted: 08/10/2015 in News


Contrary to what people might say dating can be fun. It can be an experience that at best leads to a path where you would meet your significant other and at worst be an experience you can share over laughs with friends.

Here are some tips for men on how you can have a good first date experience.

  1. Place

Location… location… location! It’s important that you keep the first date simple. Everyone is on enough pressure on the first date so pick a place where you both would have something interesting to talk about. Maybe take your crush to an event and get the pressure off, but make sure you are somewhere where you can have a conversation. If you can’t think of any date ideas you know we are here to help you with our list of date ideas that could be perfect for both you and your crush.

  1. Mind your Manners

Don’t dust off that tuxedo just yet but wear something that reflects who you are and make sure that shirt is clean. Manners begin with how you show up to not texting on a date there is nothing more unattractive than a guy on his phone. Unless you have an emergency, do not use your phone, not even to text your buddies how the date is going great.

  1. The politics of Compliments

There are little thing you can do to make your date special. Compliment your date and be genuine in doing so, your date will know if you are faking that compliment. Gage your date’s feelings and by making sure you are paying attention, you can offer compliments in conversation. Compliment not only your date’s looks and appearance but also convictions and thoughts.

  1. Real Conversation

Keep the pressure off and light. Look beyond the nerves and ask questions that can give you a glimmer of passion or spark a gateway towards your date revealing who they really are beyond the surface. Don’t shy away from having a real conversation. But keep making sure your date is comfortable having these conversations with you, don’t push!

  1. The Text after

Remember that you are a gentleman and you must show your date you are an above average man by not letting the status quo dictate when you text her. A nice short text that you had a good time is good enough to keep your date smiling.

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