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Body Language That Tells She Is Into You

Posted: 02/06/2016 in Dating for MenNews


A woman’s body language is a clear indication of how she feels about you. Intentionally or unintentionally, the way her body moves, the way she sits, walks or talks can tell you if she’s enjoying your company or just there out of sheer politeness and looking for an escape.

Women are more attentive to body language than men and not only do they notice the specimen in front of them but also give out a non-verbal call of interest. Here a few pointers that will help you decipher it.


A woman who is interested in you is comfortable in your presence and the more comfortable she is, the more relaxed and easy going she becomes.

Physical Proximity

Any woman who’s attracted to you and is enjoying your presence is going to want to get closer to you. If she’s into you, she’ll sit or stand in close proximity to you. Whether you are just talking or attempting to make a move, she will make the effort to lean closer or stays in place as you step into her comfort zone. But if her instant reaction is to pull away, then you’re going to have to back off.


If she’s interested in you, she’ll be intrigued to know more about you, so she’ll ask questions, listening more attentively when you talk, and be more interactive. A girl who’s bored with you will most likely give you a few “Oh’s”, “Really’s”, or “Hmm’s”.

Eye Contact

They say the eyes are a window to the soul. Well, we add that eyes are a definite signal of interest from a woman. A woman maintains eye contact with the man she’s attracted to, glances towards him several times or won’t look away if she’s caught eye to eye. Unless she’s shy, of course. In that case, looking away, may not necessarily be a bad sign.

Pointing the right direction

Whether the two of you are chatting standing up or sitting down, the woman who’s into you will face you directly. Her entire body will be pointing towards you. There’s even a scientific discovery that confirms that humans subconsciously tend to position their bodies directly when they find another person attractive.

Lots of physical contact

A woman who’s attracted to you might put her hands on your torso when she’s laughing at something you said, or touching your arm as she is talking or just generally trying to find an excuse to create physical contact with you.

Mimicking you

Amidst your conversation, you might catch a woman mirroring your actions. But don’t get freaked out. It shows that she’s paying close attention to the things you’re doing. You’ve clearly captivated her enough to make her unconsciously imitate your action.

Smiling from the heart

If a woman is attracted to you, she usually finds herself giggling or laughing at just about anything that you say. She’ll be giggling at all the little things and you will find her with a huge grin on her face throughout your entire time spent together.

Good Nervousness

If this is your first meeting, you will both be nervous seeing each other for the first time. Unconsciously, however, the woman can give out a signal of her impression of you. If you have really made quite the first impression, your presence will leave her nervous, the good kind of nervous. She might start playing with her hair, the little ornament on her bracelet or her glass.

Picking up on all the little signs that your female companion or interest shows can help you figure out if you should be advancing further, changing course of action or just giving up and moving on. But bear in mind that certain signs might be induced to the personality of the woman and not be a response to you.

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