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How to tell if He’s a Cyber Player

Dating is quite the risky business. The most unexpected things happen or the things you planned for just don’t seem to be happening. There are people who are into seriously committed relationships, people who just one have fun and people who take dating as a game and are ready to play anyone under any circumstances. Today, we focus on men who use the internet and online dating sites as a hunting ground for women. Men who can’t seem to get enough from a decent relationship and instead trick several women into thinking they mean something to him, while they treat them like commodities that can be used and thrown out.

So what exactly is a player and how can you spot him before he drags you into his game and leaves you heartbroken at the end? Let’s start with clearly defining what a player is. A player is someone out there who’s never satisfied with one person and keeps his options open. He’s ready to move from one person to another because he’s never satisfied with what he has on his hands. He likes to explore things but tends to get bored easily. The gentleman who couldn’t take his eyes off of you in the beginning is nowhere to be found after some time. But don’t feel bad. It may not be your fault. That’s just who he is.

There isn’t no written guide as to what exactly is a cyber-player but there are definitely clues that can give you a signal. First and foremost, don’t disregard that little voice at the back of your head that screams “Danger”, intuition may not always point out to the right thing but it doesn’t hurt to be attentive to it.

Too good to be true

You’ve stumbled upon a profile of this unbelievably hot guy who just seems to have everything going great for him. He has an amazing job, volunteers at a care center for elderly people and loves spending time with his little nephews and nieces. And let’s not forget, his profile picture is super-hot but going through his profile you think to yourself “this is just good to be true”.

There are men out there who are just the very definition of perfect and who have everything going right for them but it won’t hurt to be cautious about someone who seems to be taking the adorning thing a bit too far.

Dubious Profile

And there are those that put on the shortest and vaguest profile about their intentions. They leave you wondering what their long term plans are or what they intend to get out of a relationship. And these you should be really careful with because they either aren’t sure for themselves as to what they want or they don’t want to publicly say that they are in there to pick up the hottest chicks available every week.

A man who is serious about a genuine relationship will make his intentions clear and state what he’s looking for.

Cyber-sex addict

Past the ones with conspicuous or doubtful profiles, there are cyber-paths that are more interested in your bodies than anything else. They seem to be complimenting you more on how you look on that sexy dress, ask to see a revealing or nude picture or just always seem to be driving your conversations straight to sex. Unless you’re there for the same reason, this is a straight forward indication that this guy is just here for one thing and one thing only.

Excuse Maker

After an interesting chat for a few days or weeks, you think you should meet in person but every time you bring up the idea, he seems to have an excuse for not being able to make it. – Busy at work/school. Going away with friends. Terrible cold – Once or maybe twice might not signal his “player” intentions but when it seems to be a trend that doesn’t seem to change, forget him, there’s definitely someone out there who won’t think twice about spending time with you.

These guys may not say no in direct response to your insistence, instead they wait for the last minute to cancel your plan. Who knows, maybe one of many other girls he’s been going after for a while has finally agreed to meet him. But once again, a one-time thing may not say much but a repetition of excuses is definitely a warning sign.

Serial dater

He is juggling women like crazy. This guy is too busy going out with five women in seven days. To him there’s plenty of fish in the sea, so why stick with one when you can indulge in various kinds and numbers. He’s never available on your choice of date, only he picks the dates and locations. After all, he is quite the busy fella.

Online Profile ≠ Offline personality

You start chatting with the guy but you catch him a few times saying things that seem to contradict the things he has put on his profile, that’s a little red flag right there. You might go ahead and ask him, “But I thought you said you liked…” and his response will either guarantee your suspicions or assure you that it was a decent mistake.

Cyber dating enthusiasts

Men who have spent a lot of years as members of several dating sites might not be a great catch, despite their decorated profiles. According to Shanaka Thanapathy, a write on the australiantimes, If someone is looking for a serious relationship they will either have found someone within a year or given up for a while on the dating scene. They will have cancelled their subscription or switched to another site or at least had a very long period of inactivity.”

And these are only a few cues…

Ladies, remember there’s no exact indication of which signs that signal a cyber-player. It can be different from one person to another, depending on their personalities, attitude, experience or their end game. If you’re looking for Mr. Right online, just make sure that he’s not some good-for-nothing loser that’s just wasting your time. Keep yourself from sharing too much information all in the beginning and raising expectations until you are ABSOLUTELY sure that you’re talking to a genuine man with similar intentions.


Body Language That Tells She Is Into You

A woman’s body language is a clear indication of how she feels about you. Intentionally or unintentionally, the way her body moves, the way she sits, walks or talks can tell you if she’s enjoying your company or just there out of sheer politeness and looking for an escape.

Women are more attentive to body language than men and not only do they notice the specimen in front of them but also give out a non-verbal call of interest. Here a few pointers that will help you decipher it.


A woman who is interested in you is comfortable in your presence and the more comfortable she is, the more relaxed and easy going she becomes.

Physical Proximity

Any woman who’s attracted to you and is enjoying your presence is going to want to get closer to you. If she’s into you, she’ll sit or stand in close proximity to you. Whether you are just talking or attempting to make a move, she will make the effort to lean closer or stays in place as you step into her comfort zone. But if her instant reaction is to pull away, then you’re going to have to back off.


If she’s interested in you, she’ll be intrigued to know more about you, so she’ll ask questions, listening more attentively when you talk, and be more interactive. A girl who’s bored with you will most likely give you a few “Oh’s”, “Really’s”, or “Hmm’s”.

Eye Contact

They say the eyes are a window to the soul. Well, we add that eyes are a definite signal of interest from a woman. A woman maintains eye contact with the man she’s attracted to, glances towards him several times or won’t look away if she’s caught eye to eye. Unless she’s shy, of course. In that case, looking away, may not necessarily be a bad sign.

Pointing the right direction

Whether the two of you are chatting standing up or sitting down, the woman who’s into you will face you directly. Her entire body will be pointing towards you. There’s even a scientific discovery that confirms that humans subconsciously tend to position their bodies directly when they find another person attractive.

Lots of physical contact

A woman who’s attracted to you might put her hands on your torso when she’s laughing at something you said, or touching your arm as she is talking or just generally trying to find an excuse to create physical contact with you.

Mimicking you

Amidst your conversation, you might catch a woman mirroring your actions. But don’t get freaked out. It shows that she’s paying close attention to the things you’re doing. You’ve clearly captivated her enough to make her unconsciously imitate your action.

Smiling from the heart

If a woman is attracted to you, she usually finds herself giggling or laughing at just about anything that you say. She’ll be giggling at all the little things and you will find her with a huge grin on her face throughout your entire time spent together.

Good Nervousness

If this is your first meeting, you will both be nervous seeing each other for the first time. Unconsciously, however, the woman can give out a signal of her impression of you. If you have really made quite the first impression, your presence will leave her nervous, the good kind of nervous. She might start playing with her hair, the little ornament on her bracelet or her glass.

Picking up on all the little signs that your female companion or interest shows can help you figure out if you should be advancing further, changing course of action or just giving up and moving on. But bear in mind that certain signs might be induced to the personality of the woman and not be a response to you.


How Do You Know Online Dating Is Good For You?

Every new social trend that pops up every new era manages to gain its fair share of skeptics that make it their life mission to convince everyone else the atrociousness of the new material, the absolute fanatics that rave about it day and night and the inbetweeners, who haven’t really made up their minds about how they feel or are just clueless. Online dating, which is one of the many developments of the digital age, hasn’t been treated any different. But the truth is, it is up to every individual to decide if it works for them or not.

Technological innovations created on every corner of the earth are not meant to be a solution for all of us but just because your gal/pal didn’t have luck making the most out of the new tech invention doesn’t mean it won’t work for you either. In fact, you might be surprised at how well things turn out in your favor.

Some individuals who tried online dating haven’t gone beyond a few dates and have completely given up on it but there are also a considerable number of people who have enjoyed the ride and have even ended up finding the one. But how do you know if this is for you? Well, here are a few pointers:

  • You may not be the most outgoing person out there or maybe the outside world seems scary and uncomfortable. You are overly self-conscious and uncomfortable about putting yourself out there and meeting different people in various social settings .The social awkwardness that comes as an aftermath of your social anxiety hasn’t helped either. School or work might be the only places where you have a chance to meet other people but even there, you haven’t spotted anyone interesting enough. But this is where online dating comes to the rescue. Online dating offers you the relief of being able to find a partner without having to get out of your comfort zone.

  • If you run with a small, closed social circle where you don’t have the opportunity to meet other people, online dating can be a good option for you too. With the development of the internet era, a lot more people are slowly changing their attitude towards online dating and registering on various online dating websites and applications. The five billion dollars industry is continually growing and the increase in number of users is increasing annually. This is great news for users. The more people sign up, the more option there is to find a suitable match.

  • If you’re buried in work all day and just don’t have the time or energy to dress up and go out for drinks and mingle with people all night, you can just go home, pour yourself a nice cup of tea, wear your most comfortable PJs, get behind your screen and search for that someone without having to go through all the hustle. Plus, you have a greater chance of finding more people online than you would if you were ever to go on the real world.

  • Maybe, you’re not looking for anything serious. You just want to hook up with someone, have fun and leave it at that. Try doing that in person and you’re opening the door to many scenarios that might not be pleasing at all. No miscommunication, no drama. With online dating, you go through several profiles, check out if you have similar interests and decide whether or not you want to contact them and all of this while staying anonymous.

Online dating is a great choice for all that we’ve mentioned and more and these are only suggestions as to whom we think online dating may be a good option for but we would love to read anything you might want to add or suggest, so please leave us a comment below.


Dating in the Digital Age

As we move into the last years of this decade, technology seems to be taking over every aspect of our human life and the social facet has become no exception. A little over a decade ago, online dating wasn’t an accepted approach to meeting people and had faced a lot of negative response. Today, however, a lot of people seem to be more open-minded about the opportunities it presents and attitudes toward online dating has definitely changed.

In 2005 44% of Americans felt online dating was a good way to meet people. In 2013 that number had risen to 59%. There were 91 million people worldwide that used dating apps last year. In the United States alone 40 million people use online dating services, which account for 40% of the entire American single-people population. It’s popularity being found higher among people in their mid-20s to mid-40s.

The rising trend towards online dating has created a lot of attention from interested parties and the subject is being studied from different angles. Every year more and more studies are conducted to understand why this technology driven social phenomenon is gaining increasing popularity and the effects it has on this generation. So what is so fascinating about online dating that has people running to it? says that people love the convenience factor that online dating provides. They appreciate that instead of spending a lot of time and money on trying to find a suitable partner, you can search through profiles at the convenience of your home by signing up for a reasonable membership fee.

UChicago News basing its report on a study done by the University of Chicago writes, meeting online also may provide a larger pool of prospective marriage partners, along with advance screening in the case of dating services. And although deception often occurs online, studies suggest that people are relatively honest in online dating encounters; the lies tend to be minor misrepresentations of weight or height.

Meeting online leads to happier and more enduring marriages. Based on their research, marriages that begin online are 25% more likely to last than marriages that begin in traditional ways. Couples who met online had higher marital satisfaction and lower rates of marital breakups.

The past few years have shown us the concept’s rise in popularity but there still are cynics, who aren’t yet convinced that the internet is the right path to finding “The One”. There are also a few others that seem to complain about the overabundance of choice online dating provides, claiming that it has made it difficult for them to focus on a single person.

Amy Webb, author of Data, A love story, suggests that a person who decides to go onto online dating have a clear understanding of exactly what it is that they are looking for. Online dating offers a heap of opportunities and it can be difficult to try and pick one among many. But figuring out the set of opportunities that are appealing to oneself can make the selection process a lot easier.

Be a supporter or a skeptic, if finding love is one of your new year’s resolutions, the world of online dating is presenting you with the opportunity to try out your luck this Sunday. What’s so special about this Sunday, you might ask. Well, according to a report by, the first Sunday of the New Year is the busiest day for online dating. That day also coined “Dating Sunday” is apparently the day most single people try their New Year’s first luck in finding a possible partner. This time is also a great time for online dating because break ups are high during the holidays and people are out there looking for someone new to share the New Year with. Hence, plenty of fish in the sea.


Where We All Meet – Dating made simple!!!

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to keep up with every social activity. Trying to hassle your school, work, social and personal life in what feels like a less than 24-hour day is getting harder by the day. And if you’re trying to keep a sane social life, trying to meet new people, and spice up your personal life without having to put so much effort, Where We All just might be the right place for you. You might have tried a few dating sites, built up profiles and had gone through several dozen profiles to see if you can find someone worthy of further attempt. After a few hours and one too many profiles, you’re exhausted and you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. And this is where Where We All Meet comes in handy.

At first glance, the website looks no different than an ordinary online dating site but surf a little longer and you’ll notice features you presume should be on a standard social media platform. You originally thought you had signed up on an online dating site to do nothing more than find a suitable someone only to find out that WWAM has something extra for you. With added features like Events, group chats, and a chance to invite friends, this dating platform is bringing several elements of a social circle come together in one setting.

Keeping your location in mind, WWAM surprises you with brilliant date ideas and lists out local events, which you can share and chat about with your friends. So the next time, you want a fun-filled weekend but have no idea what to do or where to go, WWAM is the only stop you need to make. But WWAM’s remarkable features don’t end there; the site gives you the opportunity to find the perfect get-a-way that might turn-out to be your best vacation destination yet or book the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, all of which are of course without additional charge.

While signing up to the site is free, WWAM also gives you the option of upgrading to a fee-based membership which adds unlimited messaging, socialization and bonus features. Become a gold member and you’re in an even better luck to find an interesting someone out there. Thanks to the dating agents the site offers, you have the extra set of eyes and energy to help you sort out a potential candidate out of the countless profiles you’ve been going through.

Set up an account, build your profile and join the world of WWAM, you’re in for a whole new experience on online social dating. So, instead of going back and forth several sites to tell your bestie about this interesting person you just found on WWAM or plan your next vacation or chat with a group of people about the next festival in town, you now get the ease of doing it all in one place.

So, “Connect, Share Experiences and Explore Dating Ideas”.


For the Men

Contrary to what people might say dating can be fun. It can be an experience that at best leads to a path where you would meet your significant other and at worst be an experience you can share over laughs with friends.

Here are some tips for men on how you can have a good first date experience.

  1. Place

Location… location… location! It’s important that you keep the first date simple. Everyone is on enough pressure on the first date so pick a place where you both would have something interesting to talk about. Maybe take your crush to an event and get the pressure off, but make sure you are somewhere where you can have a conversation. If you can’t think of any date ideas you know we are here to help you with our list of date ideas that could be perfect for both you and your crush.

  1. Mind your Manners

Don’t dust off that tuxedo just yet but wear something that reflects who you are and make sure that shirt is clean. Manners begin with how you show up to not texting on a date there is nothing more unattractive than a guy on his phone. Unless you have an emergency, do not use your phone, not even to text your buddies how the date is going great.

  1. The politics of Compliments

There are little thing you can do to make your date special. Compliment your date and be genuine in doing so, your date will know if you are faking that compliment. Gage your date’s feelings and by making sure you are paying attention, you can offer compliments in conversation. Compliment not only your date’s looks and appearance but also convictions and thoughts.

  1. Real Conversation

Keep the pressure off and light. Look beyond the nerves and ask questions that can give you a glimmer of passion or spark a gateway towards your date revealing who they really are beyond the surface. Don’t shy away from having a real conversation. But keep making sure your date is comfortable having these conversations with you, don’t push!

  1. The Text after

Remember that you are a gentleman and you must show your date you are an above average man by not letting the status quo dictate when you text her. A nice short text that you had a good time is good enough to keep your date smiling.


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