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1. How do I contact

If you have questions that are not answered by this FAQ, you may login to your profile and connect with a dating agent. Our dating agents are here to give you real person interaction about the services and information about the site.

2. Do I have to pay to join this website?

It is currently 100%% free to join

3. What do I do after I sign-up?

After you sign-up, you should complete your profile by adding photos and providing additional details that members will find enticing. You can edit your details at any time for no charge.

Our research has shown that completing your profile significantly boosts your chances of having success on our site. If you find someone you like, send him/her a friend request or upgrade to a Premium Membership to send a message, chat, or interact with a dating agent and receive assistance with engaging in real interaction with other members.

4. Can I advertise my services (i.e. escort or dating services) on the site?

No. You may not advertise your services on Anyone caught doing so will have their account canceled and will be banned from using our website. Please do not advertise your dating services or escort services on our website. Advertising such services – in your profile or through messages – violates our User Agreement and as such you may be accessing our website without authorization or permission from us. Unauthorized access is a felony offense and we reserve the right to seek legal action against you.

5. How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

Profiles are active immediately upon completing the registration process. However, in order to ensure both quality and authenticity, custom content may take up to 24 hours to be approved during peak times, weekends, and holidays.

6. How do I delete my account?

Log into your account, click to the “Account Settings” link and then select the “Account” tab. You will see an option to delete your Account. Please do not contact us to request deletion of your account. Members are responsible for deleting their own accounts.Please note you must complete your profile in order to remove yourself from the site.

7. Why can’t I access my account? I did not cancel.

Your account may be suspended, canceled, or deleted without prior notice if you are found violating our User Agreement. Examples of such violations include spamming, suspicious activities, use of a stolen credit card, harassing other members, advertising other services, or other abuses.

8. Why am I not able to login with my email/password?

There may be many reasons why you are unable to login with a correct email/username or password. First, be sure to check that you have spelled your email address/username correctly. Also, retry your password. If you tried that, and you are still unable to log into the system, click on the forgot email link and enter your email address and will send you a link to reset your password. If you have forgotten your username/email please contract and describe the problem you’re having.

9. If I am not happy, can I get a Refund?

No. We DO NOT offer refunds. All sales are final and there are no exceptions. The purpose of the FREE components of the service is for you to test-run our website. So, please be absolutely sure before you pay us for a Premium membership. Once you pay for an upgrade there will be no refunds.

10. Why a NO REFUND policy?

Our credit card processing company charges us a commission on all transactions (sales or refund). Since we have to pay them for each sale, and again for each refund, we will lose more money if we were to issue refunds. As such, we have a NO REFUND policy. We do allow you to try out our website for FREE, that way you can be sure before you buy. But we will not issue a REFUND once you have purchased an upgrade. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

11. Why did my profile info change?

All profiles must meet our guidelines.

Profiles must not contain personal contact information – including email, phone number, address, or websites. Our staff members read all submitted profiles, so please do not try to code your contact information into the text of your message. We will find it and your profile may be removed from the site.

12.How do I get my profile to appear first in a search?

Premium member profiles receive the highest priority and will appear before Standard member profiles in searches. In addition, profiles with more photos will receive higher priority than profiles with less or no photos. To improve your listing, we suggest upgrading to a Premium Membership and uploading three photos. Also, the profiles that have profile attributes that match with the searching profile will have priority in searches.

13. Can I block another member from contacting me?

Only Premium members and friends on your network can contact you. To block a member, go to your friends list and click on the block icon.

14. How do I remove a member from my Friends list?

Click on your friends list and click on manage friends, you will have the option to delete a friend. Once a friend is deleted he will be removed from your friends list.

15 What is a Dating Agent?

Our Dating Agents are trained professionals that are live onsite to ensure that our members have the ability to have their questions answered. For a more personal service a Dating Agent can become a members dating concierge agent to search out potential matches for Gold members and refer potential matches without a Gold member conducting searches onsite.

16. What is a Gold Member?

A Gold Member is a premium member who has upgraded to hired a Dating agent to conduct online and offline searches for potential matches based on private surveys completed by the Gold member. The Dating agent is available for dating advice, date planning and finding potential matches for their Gold member client.


1. I’m planning on meeting someone. What should I remember?

Meeting someone through our Website System is inherently similar to meeting through specialized offline venues and as long as the same standards of safety are followed, you can feel at ease while getting to know each other in this new social scene. Just trust your instincts and use common sense.

If you are planning on meeting someone in person, remember the following:

Never give out your home or office phone number as an initial means of contact. Use the service features offered on our system or an anonymous e-mail address or mobile phone number.

Try and tell at least two people where you’re going to be, the name of the person you’re meeting, what they look like and when you expect to be home. You can provide this information without revealing the purpose of your meeting.

Always meet in a visible, neutral location. Provide your own transportation to and from and never make arrangements to meet or be picked up at your home or office.

Always meet in a public place like a restaurant or coffee shop.

Go at your own pace.

Plan for a short first date so that if you feel uncomfortable, you have an easy way out.

Avoid the ‘Cyrano-syndrome’. Emails can be deceiving so don’t get carried away in an email fantasy.

Always be mindful of the personal details you’re providing and do not reveal information that may make it easy to locate you in the event you do not wish to see the person again.

Use your common sense and good judgment. If you get a bad feeling about your date, it may be better to simply cancel.

2. Do you pre-screen Members? Do you perform criminal background checks?

We do not pre-screen Members and do not endorse any profile on this system. Always be safe and mindful of what you are doing. Having fun should not expose you to unnecessary risks. Be smart. Remember, everyone you initially meet on this system will be a stranger to you.


For an additional monthly fee a member can become a Gold member, which entitles them to the services of a Dating Agent. Our Dating Agents are trained to search our members based on the Gold members private survey and ensure that the member receives requests to be contacted and are available for online communications.

3. Are any profiles endorsed by

No, we do not pre-screen members therefore we do not endorse any profile on our system. Anyone who is able to commit identity theft can also falsify a dating profile. At we put in as much member authentication methods as we can for our subscribing members. In order to subscribe as a paying member the members name and zip code must match the credit card used to purchase the membership.