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Authentic Connections.  Geniune Experiences. is a new social dating platform that provides a place for you to connect with authentic matches and friends. E^3 is our symboll for how we connect EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE... Our goal is to create AUTHENTIC connections with others whom you'd like to meet and enjoy genuine experiences.

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Connect with cool humans. Expand your own gallery of new and old friends in an authentic place. There's space for everyone here. You're always welcome and so are your friends.

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Research suggests that a significant number of online dating users are not always honest about their profile information. At, we understand the importance of building trust and genuine connections.

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Starts with friendship. Ends with Laughter.

Meet Someone New Today

Meet Someone
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Find your connections or make new ones by going places you will enjoy. WWAM localized events get you out of the house to connect with people who share your similar interest.

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Video Date features allows you to connect with authentic people.
Say hello without leaving your home.

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Finding the right match can take a lot of time. WWAM's professional VIP Connect do the groundwork for you, and can even help plan your date. That way you can spend more time connecting with your match in real life!

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